Monday, October 21, 2013


"Quote-Tastic" is a meme hosted every Monday on Herding Cats & Burning Soup . To participate you have to post a favorite quote from a current or past read.
Today's qutoe is from Unearthly, a current read. 

"Today we ran into a mama grizzly with two cubs up at the ridge off Colter Bay, and Clara sang to it to make it go away." 
Mr. and Mrs. Avery stare at me, aghast. 
"You sang to it?" Mrs. Avery repeats. 
"Her singing is that bad," says Tucker


  1. Hee hee hee Poor Clara, but at least she got the bears to leave without anyone being harmed.

  2. So mean :)) At least something good came out of her singing :D

    Aly @ Aly's Miscellany

  3. Oh, that is bad... Who is this book by?