Thursday, October 3, 2013

Booking Trough Thursday

Booking through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted on the site of the same name. 
Every week bloggers answer a different question, which is usually related to books.
This week's question was: which is better, a story with multiple points of view or one that sticks to one or two POVs?
I think it depends from the kind of story. I'd stick with one or two POVs in a romance novel or in a coming of age story. Multiple point of views work in adventure novels best. Anyway, I think there should't be too many POVs, no more than five or six, or I'll start losing track of them.


  1. I definitely agree you can have to many pov's.

    My BTT

  2. I enjoy multiple points of view, but you're right--too many and you've got a whole crowd of characters and you can't keep track of any of them!