Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Blogger Hop: Halloween Edition: What Book Gave You The Creeps?

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Each week bloggers answer a different question. This week's question was:
What Book Gave You The Creeps?
I'm going to name a classic and choose "Carmilla", by Le Fanu. It's a perfect example of slow build done right. There is very little to no plot almost until the end, and the book is narrated in the first person by the main character, so the stakes aren't that high - the reader knows she's going to survive.
I also started reading knowing exactly who, or more precisely what, Carmilla actually is.
Yet all this, which normally would lead me to becoming a frustrated, ranting mess, somehow comes together beautifully.
"Carmilla" was creepy as hell. And it does build-up for 90% of the novella, but the reader gets a final showdown that's worth the wait. 

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  1. Nice, a classic! ...I'll probably still never read it (I avoid scary things like the plague) but I always like seeing classics on people's lists. I couldn't really tell you that I think about it...