Monday, October 7, 2013


"Quote-Tastic" is a meme hosted every Monday on Herding Cats & Burning Soup . To participate you have to post a favorite quote from a current or past read.
My quote this week is from Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell. I chose it because it's both incredibly heart-warming and inspiring. 
"Happily ever after, or even just together ever after, is not cheesy," Wren said. "It's the noblest, like, the most courageous thing two people can shoot for."
Cath studied Wren's face. It was like looking at a lightly warped mirror. Through a glass, darkly. "Are you in love?"
Wren blushed and looked down at the laptop.
"This isn't about me. It's about Baz and Simon."
"I'm making it about you," Cath said. "Are you in love?"
Wren pulled the computer fully on her lap and started scrolling back up to the top of Cath's outline. "Yes," she said coolly. "There's nothing wrong with that."


  1. Yes, it is. I definitely recommend it.

  2. Aw. Wren is my kinda girl. Love the name too! Thanks for joining in this week Sophia!

  3. Great quote! I'll have to look into this one. Thanks for joining, Im a bit late this week =)

    -Amanda P

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