Sunday, September 22, 2013

Top Ten Can't Wait for Books - Fall 2013 - Part 2

Nr. 5:

Revelations by J. A. Souders
Expected Publication: 05/11/13
I read the first book in the series, Renegade, back in January and I really liked it. The Main Character, Evelyn, was likable, tough and intelligent, the romance was sweet, the world-building was great, the villain just psychotic and smart enough for my tastes. 
I am hoping for more of the same. The things I can't wait to see are how the human society on the surface works, how Evelyn will regain her memories what she and Gavin will have to face this time. 

Nr. 4:

The Naturals by Jenny Lynn Barnes 
Expected Publication: 05/11/13
Another mystery - are you starting to see a pattern? I saw that it was shelved as fantasy and paranormal on Goodreads, but the blurb didn't mention any strictly supernatural elements, just the sort of gifted people that actually exists. I'm curious as to what the magical elements in the story will be. I don't think that the classical fantasy creatures would fit the plot. Maybe their talents will actually be psychic abilities. 
I'm hoping for a cast of likable characters, an heartwarming group dynamic amongst the "naturals", a well-done love triangle and a smart, witty main character who's also capable of taking care of herself. 

Nr. 3:

Rags & Bones: New Twists on Timeless Tales edited by Melissa Marr and Tim Pratt

Expected Publication: 22/10/13
This is one of the two books that isn't a novel: it's an anthology of retellings by some of the greatest fantasy authors of our time. 
It made it to this list mainly for two reasons: the Sleeping Beauty retelling by Neil Gaiman, because every book of his I've read I've loved, and the Carmilla retelling by Holly Black, because of the source material. Carmilla was a landmark in vampire fiction, and it's firmly etched into the 19° century, so I wonder how she'll modernize it. 

Nr. 2:

The Shadowhunter's Codex by Cassandra Clare and Joshua Lewis

Expected Publication: 29/10/13
I am a die-hard shadowhunter's fan. This is the other book that isn't a novel on this list and it will be the only one I'll purchase on paper. And then I'll probably build a shrine for it or something equally creepy.
I don't even actually have expectations about the content of this book. Of course I hope it'll be awesome, but it gets referenced so much in the books that even flipping trough the pages and looking at the figures will give me a thrill.

Nr. 1:

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Expected Publication: 22/10/13
I'm a major Divergent fan. I loved that book: it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me cheer out loud. It made me think, without distracting me from the story. And that's the highest compliment I can pay to a Dystopia. No, scratch that. It's the highest compliment I can pay to any book.  
I did not like Insurgent as much. It still was a really good book. I still couldn't tear myself away from it. But it wasn't the same.
I hope that Allegiant will have the same magic Divergent had. I don't think it would be possible to expect more from it.

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