Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Beware. There be spoilers. 
Alright. Let's review this train-wreck.
How is this possible? How can the woman who wrote such a good debut novel fail to deliver so spectacularly in this book? I thought that writers were supposed to get better through experience, not worse.
Apparently, Veronica Roth is the exception to that rule. If Divergent was awesome and Insurgent was pretty good, this book continued the downwards spiral and ended up being terrible.
The book is told from both Tris's and Four's point of views, a choice I don't really understand, since this has always been Tris's story, right from the start. I get why she had to do it, but I think she should have come up with a different way to patch up the holes that using only Tris as a narrator left in her story. 
Especially since she is clearly not able to give Tobias's voice the same charm that she gave Tris's. Mostly because he sounds exactly like her. 
The book was full of plot holes. The whole genetic experiment thing didn't make a whole lot of sense. Scientists should know better than pick a large number of people from different backgrounds, tamper with their genes and then just send them out into the world.  
Couldn't they have started with a bunch of volunteers and put them in a facility like Tris's Chicago and see what came out of it, instead? It would have made a tad bit more sense. 
And then to the ending. Which I hated, and not because I wanted an happy ending. I mean, I wanted an happy ending, but I can enjoy endings that don't go the way I want them to if they feel natural.
Tris's death didn't feel natural. It didn't feel like the story was supposed to have that result, like there just wasn't any other way. It felt like it had been constructed in order to give Tris the possibility to sacrifice herself. 
The ending was rushed, and the epilogue was just a way to tell us through exposition what a bunch of characters I don't really care about did after Tris's death. It didn't have any real purpose in the story, it didn't serve to establish the message. If anything, it made it more confusing - since we went from "we can't be defined by our genes" to "life sucks, but some moments don't".  
This novel was a huge disappointment. I was really excited for it and it was just a mess. You're better off not reading it. It felt convoluted and rushed and it didn't give me a sense of closure at all. 


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